excellent health care for all


Case Management

Expert active case management of health care & programs of care development for our clients

Best Practices

Provide our clients with best practices that are constantly renewed to ensure successful care delivery & learning

Measurement & Insights

Provide our clients with measurement tools & data insights for continual improvement

Access to Expertise

Provide our clients with access to best expertise for assessment of patient needs, appropriate care, optimal recovery

Targeting the Key Drivers for Successful Health Care

Arthur Health provides industry leading solutions targeted to improve the key drivers for successful health care

  • Patient as the center of the circle of care

  • Integrate the primary health care provider

  • Align health care needs with best practice

  • Efficient navigation of the health care silos

  • Constantly measure results & re-engineer the process

  • Best practice reducing unwarranted variations

Arthur Health Clinically Integrated Network (CIN) Cloud Platform

Broad geographic network of providers that deliver value based, evidence informed & goal oriented care

Arthur Health Platform facilitates the creation of connected healthcare communities, enabling care to be coordinated across sectors, specialties and disciplines.

How Arthur Health delivers value to Consumers

Help address gap in the system as trusted advisor and guide for musculoskeletal bone & joint disorders.

How Arthur Health delivers value to health care providers

Optimize provider performance (assessment, outcomes, efficiency, revenue) with an enabling cloud-based technology platform.

How Arthur Health delivers value to payers

Provides a broad geographic network of providers that deliver value based, evidence informed & goal oriented care: care assessments, care programs, provider education & quality control.

One Model of Care.
Excellent Health Care for All

Transforming the Current State of Fragmented Healthcare

Arthur Health has built a curated network of health care providers to offer the right care at the right time, and for the right value. Use the Arthur Health Platform to empower value-based care for consumers, providers, and payers through democratization of health care knowledge.

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