Microsoft introduces new data and AI solutions to help healthcare organizations unlock insights and improve patient and clinician experiences


Every industry depends on unique insights to achieve their goals, and unlocking the power of data is the key to an organization’s success. This is especially true in healthcare, where data has the potential to do so much good – from improving health outcomes and enhancing patient and clinician experiences to driving better organizational performance for healthcare systems. When a patient’s or the population’s health is at the center of the decision-making process, having the right data strategy in place can have a life-changing impact on people’s lives.

Organizations across the healthcare spectrum can benefit from Microsoft Fabric, with early adopters already planning to leverage the analytics platform to help advance some of their most prominent use cases:

Arthur Health plans to use Fabric to power predictive care stage models in partnership with Quisitive for the Ontario Workers Network (OWN). OWN is a provincial network of hospitals, including Ottawa Hospital, and has experienced clinicians that provide world-class care for workers in their own communities.

Article from Official Microsoft Blog